Female Player

And here they are. The players and Coaches of the "German National Team 2011. Players and staff are nominated. From 2009 until 2011 the following persons played for germany as well: Susanne Martinez, Sylvia Pfennig, Nici Bader, Christina Schampel, Sam Lachenmayer und Daniela Krämer. The first german national womons team was founded and coached by Bernd Jung. Other coaches were Carsten Wolf (2009) and Torsten Pfennig (2010), David Martinez and Jens Löschke til 2012 and now Chris Kämpfe and Max Groß.

#82 Jeanette Beastoch
#2 Johanna Braun
#3 Tanja Dietze
Gabi Duvinage
#31 Ina Eibel
#21 Susanne Erdmann
#23 Lisa Holtfreter
#7 Julia Kämpfe
#24 Christina Schampel
#13 Johanna Schuller
#12 Anett Turowski
#9 Sabine Wagner
#11 Stefanie Thiele
Chris Kämpfe
Max Groß